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Press release: The Equipmag trade show goes back to its roots for the 2020 event

Equipmag has set the benchmark for professionals in the point of sale display and equipment market bringing business figures together for the autumn trade show to find concrete solutions to make their projects happen.

The experience in shops, retail outlets and service centres has never been more relevant to consumers and people who want to create a bond with physical retail: this has made the display, layout and equipment in these spaces a vital piece of the puzzle. These shops have to recreate magic to become more than just a place to buy but a place to get together and have experiences. From window dressing and choosing fixtures to flooring: everything has to be carefully considered to create a bond with clients, boost sales and brand awareness at the same time as re-energising high streets and shopping centres.

The last editions gave the trade show's team in-depth knowledge of its community's needs and come to an understanding about its own need: to focus on its roots.

A trade show in its own right

The new event sees the trade show refocus on 3 exhibition areas:

  • Display & design
  • Equipment
  • Point of sale marketing

These 3 themes will each be overseen by a mentor, a benchmark retail figure who will run conferences to address different issues in the field.

Equipmag can exclusively announce the mentors in the first two categories with the third to be confirmed:

  • Display & Design: Cyril Ayroles, Head of Design, MCDONALD’S France
  • POS Marketing: Fabien Allègre, Executive Director, Merchandising Brand Diversification, PSG

To ensure everyone, exhibitors and visitors alike, attends a successful trade show with constructive events and concrete projects to boot, this year Equipmag has established a dedicated think tank in charge of recruiting and qualifying project leaders from construction and operation managers to technical, procurement and marketing managers.

Bespoke events

To streamline communication and exploration, Equipmag hosts highlights and tours in custom pathways based on 3 themes:

  • Display & design
  • Equipment
  • Point of sale marketing


Retailer / supplier partners will discuss how their project worked at conferences.


Equipmag 2020 will be:

  • over 10,000 point of sale professionals
  • over 200 companies exhibiting

Fuelled by its success and what it's learnt, Equipmag sees 2020 as a fresh start with professionals in POS display and equipment.


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